The Sixth Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book, together with additional commentary.

Mars Sector 6:

“The Sixth Freedom will be – ASCENSION.

“Freedom from rebirth is brought about by he who is ready, as a result of countless experiences, countless lessons well learned through these experiences. Such a one has manipulated his Karma so that it forms a pattern, which proves that he does not need to learn the basic lessons which can be afforded by further birth upon Terra.

“When this stage has been reached, the Adept then leaves this Planet Terra, through death, into a fuller life. Such a one may then choose whether or not he will remain upon Terra in order to render Service, or whether he will go onward to an introduction into the experience cycle of another Planet. At this stage, those with certain definite abilities volunteer to forego the greater bliss of an introduction into the experience cycle of another Planet and choose to remain upon Terra. A special Initiation is then afforded to the Adept who chooses to remain upon Terra and he is then Initiated into The Great White Brotherhood.”

The Great White Brotherhood, also known as the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, consists of advanced Beings, male and female, from different nationalities and races. Many of them are ‘Ascended Masters‘, who have undergone the elevated Initiation of Ascension and have chosen to remain on this Earth in order to help, support and promote Spirituality throughout our world. These enlightened individuals have sacrificed Their own advancement in order to help us; they work in many ways from Their Retreats in various parts of the world. Members of The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth include Saint Goo-Ling, Count St. Germain, The Lord Maitreya, Swami Vivekananda and many more.

The Initiation mentioned above by Mars Sector 6 refers to the Initiation of Ascension which is given to an Adept who chooses to remain on Earth in order to work directly for The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. A graphic, eye-witness account of such an Initiation appears in the The Nine Freedoms book. This report is unique as it is the first of its kind ever to appear in print in metaphysical literature. Dr. King believed that he was granted the privilege of such an experience so that the connection between the Cosmic Hierarchy and this Earth could be shown, once and for all, in intimate detail. A close study of this happening gives us some idea of the glory and magnificence of Ascension.

Mars Sector 6:

“ASCENSION will not be brought about by even Service in any ten lives. If, suddenly, the dawn of humanitarianism breaks over an individual lifestream, that lifestream then has to work for many lives in Service, in Spiritual ways and all of them, before even Cosmic Consciousness is possible.

“After this stage of awareness has been mastered, then lives ensue before total experience has been gained. Even so, it is the birthright of every lifestream upon Terra to enjoy the highest form of Initiation upon Terra – ASCENSION.”

Dr. George King:

“This is the most hopeful statement ever made to you!

“It is the greatest, most wonderful promise ever made in the annals of philosophical history!

“You are told plainly, distinctly, directly by a Master of Cosmic Status that Ascension is your birthright and sooner or later you will enjoy this elevated Initiation. It is up to you and you alone how long you will suffer your present limitation before you advance yourself sufficiently to be able to take this last examination, the passing of which will enable you to leave the reincarnatory cycle of Earth. If you have any doubts regarding the validity of the Master’s wonderful promise then your Intuition will soon inform you that it is perfectly true. Once you know this to be so, you should be fired with a firmer Spiritual determination than you ever believed possible, so that not even death can keep you from striving for this elevated goal. That is, unless you are willing to run with the hypnotized tide of basic humanity, content to while away your time in vague materialistic amusements. If you are and again the choice is yours, you will involve yourself and have to suffer life after life of further limitation.

“The Cosmic promise is hereby given to you. If you are wise and really practical, you will begin now to make the finest investment possible to any man – the investment of good deeds in a Spiritual bank, the interest on which can be taken with you, even when you die. If you live this life correctly, after death, you will go to another plane where you can learn more Truth so that you can return again in environmental conditions which are more helpful to you than the present ones. So, you can progress in active, suffering, but most wonderful Spiritual Service to – Ascension – your immortal goal!”

Mars Sector 6:

“Know this: when the two faces of the heart are blue and cold; when the one face of the throat is pink and cold; when the three faces in the head are violet and yellow and violet and cold; then cometh great awareness.

“When the Globe above this head shineth through the consciousness of the individual and the Power, as stated, is risen and lodged in that place, then cometh – ASCENSION. But not until this time.”

Dr. George King:

“This is a graphic description of the rise of Kundalini leading to the deep Samadhic state of Meditation. You will notice that, according to the text, the Kundalini has been risen through the heart, throat and up to and controlled within the Christ Centre. At this stage, a very deep state of Samadhic Meditation is gained. When the Kundalini is lifted even further than the Christ Centre up into the Crown Chakra, which is graphically described in the text as “The Globe above this head,” Cosmic Consciousness takes place. When this condition can be brought about at will, the result is Ascension. It is interesting to note here that, “The Globe above this head shineth through the Consciousness of the individual” means that the Soul, or Supra-Consciousness is bathed in the pure Light of the Spirit. This is the technical description of a very deep Meditative state. When the Supra-Consciousness approaches or moves down the beam of this pure Light of the unmanifested Spirit, then it is time for Cosmic Consciousness to take place. When it moves nearer to the Spirit still, then it is time for an Initiation into Ascension. It should also be noted that, as elevated as the Initiation of Ascension is, even so, the Supra-Consciousness, although moved towards the source of this Light of the Spirit, is only bathed within this Light and cannot, at this stage, come into direct contact with the Source Itself. Such a contact happens possibly at some later stage which is so elevated as to be beyond our comprehension.”

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