By George King, D.D., Th.D.

For thousands of years thinking man has looked aloft into the mighty vastness of the heavens and has asked:

“Do I ever leave this Earth?  Where do I go?  How do I get there?”

Deeply intrigued he has searched through physics, philosophy and orthodox Religions for these answers – but, for the most part, he has searched in vain. Some creeds have even forbidden him to ask, to search further.  But the brave, ignoring the threats of hell and damnation, have continued their struggles to find the answers to the most baffling questions which have ever faced humanity.

Some more daring souls have studied the mystic and occult sciences in search of their answers. They have plodded from the séance rooms to the occult tomes which tried, in extremely verbose language, to give them an acceptable definition of life and its eventual destination. Yet, even the most erudite of these works have not given the seeker a plain, easily understandable answer to all these foremost questions. Even a most carefully prepared précis of the known philosophies of the East and West has not provided the full answers to these three questions. Always there has been a part of the answer missing – as though purposely shrouded in some strange mystery.

Why is this so?  Because until now, man has, by design, been cut off from the full Truth, has not been given an easily understandable path through his future. By design he has not been informed of the essential stopping places on his long road through Evolution.

You may ask: “By whose design has this vital information been kept from me. If at last these secrets are revealed – why is this Revelation given now?”

In order to answer these questions it is necessary to go back into the past – back before the days of the Ancient Brahmins and the Chinese, back before the time when man started to write his history in the Akashic records of Earth.

Here is the history of man – your history.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was another Planet in this Solar System. This Planet made an orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It was a small mass about the size of Earth. A green prosperous world inhabited by a people who were, for the most part, reasonably satisfied with their progression. This civilization had not reached a state of really advanced culture, but had nevertheless attained a stage which afforded an abundance of necessities which made life comparatively comfortable for all.

These people had likes and dislikes, hopes and ambitions as indeed do you. Male and female caused pro-creation of the races as do the people on Earth.

They studied the philosophies and dabbled in the sciences as do terrestrials, except that these people were more advanced in many ways than are earthlings. The Planet was so highly mechanized that robots took care of all the menial tasks. The inhabitants had discovered a rudimentary form of Space travel, but soon found that their craft did not possess sufficient cruising range owing to the fact that their fuel was too heavy to allow them to penetrate far into the System. They could control their weather so that drought and famine became long forgotten. The majority, having an abundance of food, having no menial tasks to perform soon became content to while away their unrecallable hours in the sun. They became, in comparison with the higher Planetary cultures, a selfish, lackadaisical people seeking after their own enjoyment, as do the majority of terrestrials.

Then the disease came.

It probably started subtly in the minds of those few men of science who shunned the procrastinating majority, in a fervent search for material conquest, thus leaving themselves open to the incurable affliction. 

The mental disease manifested itself as a lust for greater power.

They found it!

They exploded a hydrogen bomb and completely destroyed the Planet Maldek and murdered the whole populace in one blinding flash of searing flame.

Not the hydrogen isotope bomb which only releases one ten thousandth part of its force as does the murder weapon on Earth, but the scientists of Maldek discovered how to convert hydrogen mass into energy in its entirety and thus murdered a whole world. All that is now left of that beautiful green Planet, which at one time teemed with life, gaining its expression through experience, is the asteroid belt.  Thousands of pieces of cold rock, spinning through Space, lifeless, devoid of atmosphere, a burned, broken, dead world.

Although the terrible disease, the lust for power and material conquest, affected only a few, the majority of people were so lackadaisical, so confined to their own petty contentment and ease of life that they allowed this horrible Cosmic crime to be committed. They were all just as responsible for this terrible sin as were the few who actually caused it.

The millions of lifestreams who inhabited Maldek were suddenly released on to their different etheric planes. According to the perfect Law of Karma, these lifestreams had to reincarnate again, under strict limitation, upon another Planet in the Solar System. They could not reincarnate upon Jupiter, because even in those days, the inhabitants had reached such a high state of Spiritual culture that the Planet was used as a reception centre for the Interplanetary Confederation, which actually had its seat upon Saturn. Jupiter, with its massive bulk, approximately 630 times the size of Earth, could well accommodate the thousands of representatives coming from different worlds within and even outside of the Solar System to the seat of learning – Saturn. They could not be reincarnated upon Uranus or Venus because both these peoples had reached such a high state of culture that the involved intelligences from Maldek would not have learned the lessons essential to their further progress. Mercury was already operating as the major communications centre for the Solar System. Mars was already inhabited by an advanced race who were the engineers and builders in the Solar System.

The Earth was approached.

The Cosmic Hierarchy first made an appeal to the Earth as an Intelligence, to see if She would agree to withhold Her Evolutionary progress and bear the limitations which would be necessarily imposed upon Her should the people from Maldek be allowed to reincarnate.

The Earth, being a great Planetary Lord, took merciful compassion upon the killers of Maldek and agreed to their reincarnation upon Her back and thereby agreed to the thousands of years of necessary limitation which would have to be imposed during their reincarnation so that they could gain essential experience.

The Cosmic Hierarchy then approached the true inhabitants of Earth, a highly cultured race of individuals called – Adamic man. Adamic man agreed that he would give place to the reincarnating lifestreams and he cooperated in such a manner as to make this cycle of incarnation complete.

Gradually those too lazy to stop the shocking Cosmic crime of the destruction of Maldek and those who had actually brought it about, were reincarnated upon Earth. Adamic man stayed for a time giving instruction, guidance and help to the mutants which plagued the grass of Earth. Then, eventually, when Adamic man had caused some semblance of civilization to be brought into being on Earth, he, obeying his instructions according to the Law, left the human race to its own devices.

Out of the gross limitation of atomic mutation the civilization of Lemuria dragged its weary self. It grew in culture. The Earth became somewhat similar to what Maldek had been. The people began to probe the philosophies and the sciences again. The Earth gave of Its abundance and the Lemurian civilization flourished.

In its hey-day, it was a civilization of much finer culture than we know on Earth today. The Lemurians established a liaison between themselves and the Planets, Venus and Mars. The Venusians and Martians, not dictating in anyway to the Lemurians, nevertheless taught them many lessons.

But alas, the disease struck again.

Lemuria was split into two different camps, the White Magicians and the evil black magicians. The White Magicians, learning many things from the Visitors from other Planets had advanced greatly in Metaphysical sciences. The black magicians probed the atom. Again, for the second time, they unlocked the forces within God’s tiny building blocks and destroyed the civilization of Lemuria.

But this time those people who were ready were actually evacuated prior to the destruction of Lemuria by vehicles from other Planets which landed upon Earth in order to perform this evacuation. In fact, even the evil forces were warned time and time again of their folly, but alas they took no notice and died as a result.

Again those left were born through gross limitation on and off a world seething with radio-active poisoning until, eventually, after thousands of years, another semblance of a culture came into being and slowly at first, then later gaining momentum, the civilization of Atlantis flourished upon Earth. Again Space travel was established. Again some listened to the voice of Wisdom coming from Higher Sources and there was a split into three definite camps. The few, searching for a force to give them conquest over the whole Solar System, the majority not caring much, because they were content to live in their procrastinations and the other few, who had proved themselves ready for the higher teachings and possessed the logic and faith to accept the voice of Higher Authority. There was a great mental battle on Atlantis between the White Magicians and the evil practitioners of the black arts. Again the sadistic minds of the dark ones unlocked the Pandora’s box and invented two atomic weapons. They quarrelled among themselves.  One side made a weapon called “Indra’s dart”, which was an atomic bomb and the other side invented a controllable atomic ray called – surprisingly enough, “The Brahma weapon” or “weapon of God”.

Now the Martians, who had been in close liaison with the White Magicians on Atlantis, saw that a great war was brewing between the two evil factions and landed five large Spacecraft upon Earth called, “Cities of Shan”.

The White Magicians and indeed all those who were ready for evacuation just prior to the outbreak of atomic war, were taken off the Earth. The evil forces, beset with greed and lust for material supremacy, warred with each other. As neither side could win such an atomic war – down fell the civilization of Atlantis into charred radio-active ruins.

It is a strange thing that, if this Truth were written as a novel, no one would ever accept it to be in anyway feasible or logical. No thinking man would believe that a race of intelligent people could, three times in succession, make the same mistake, although twice previously they had been forced to suffer gross limitation for this very mistake. No humanitarian would ever believe, were this written as fiction, that people could have been so absurdly foolish as the people upon Earth have been.

But, believe it or not this is a brief resume of what is written in the always truthful Akashic records.

So much for the past – what about today?

Again the forces of the atom have been unleashed. Again the world is divided against itself. Again we stand in a similar position to the one we occupied before the destruction of Maldek, before the destruction of Lemuria. We stand in a similar position now, as you read this, to the one we stood in before the atomic destruction of Atlantis.

It should also be noted that after the destruction of Lemuria, the Cosmic Hierarchy saw fit to place a barrier around the Earth called, in some occult books, “the ring-pass-not”. In physical terms this barrier is called – the ionosphere. After the destruction of Atlantis, “the ring-pass-not”, or ionosphere was greatly intensified. This intensification tended to cut man off from the higher forms of inspiration as a well deserved limitation, making advancement so much more difficult for him. This move had to be brought about according to Karmic Law. But it should also be appreciated that both in Atlantean and modern times, man has always had access to the philosophies and the definitions of the Divine Laws. In modern times, this access was made possible through the Wisdom propounded by Interplanetary Avatars such as Shri Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali, the Master Jesus, who came to Earth to teach and in the case of the latter, to die to save terrestrials from a catastrophe. Mankind, even in his darkest hour, has never been left alone. He chose to disregard the teachings of the Great Ones, thereby exercising his petty freewill which has led him into the troubles which he has faced.

This is a very brief history of why man is here upon Earth and why he is at the bottom of the Evolutionary ladder in this Solar System. No other peoples in the Solar System have committed the worst possible crime, namely that of murdering a Planetary Intelligence.

Maldek, referred to in some Holy Works as – the angel which fell out of heaven, was the place from whence you came to this Earth. To refer back to the question, “By whose design has the vital information regarding man’s eventual Evolution been kept from him?” Who else has designed the withholding of this information except man himself by his gross disobedience to the Divine Laws.

To refer back to the other question:  “If at last these secrets are revealed – why is this Revelation given now?”

Now, mankind stands in, to quote Higher Authority:  “The valley of decision”.  He has to decide whether or not he will bring about those conditions which will destroy modern civilization through another atomic war, or whether he will spare himself this suffering. The key to man’s future virtually lies in his own hands. These are the last days of the old order.  The New Order for mankind will be surer Peace – deeper joy – more lasting prosperity than he has ever known before, conditions will be so good upon this Earth as to be beyond his wildest imaginings, or he can re-live the terrors of Maldek, Lemuria and Atlantis – which ever he likes.

Although mankind stands today in a position similar to that before Maldek was destroyed, there is one major difference between the two situations and that is this:  the Supreme Lords of Karma have now declared, in such a way that this Declaration is irrevocable and cannot in any way be changed by any Power in the Solar System, that under no account will the Planet Itself be destroyed. If man chooses to debase his energy by engaging in war, he will then leave the Earth, through death, to be born again upon another Planet.

The Lords have declared that the great Millennium of Peace and Enlightenment must come, but only those who have expended the necessary efforts to learn the Divine Law and have fashioned their lives within the framework of its lasting Truth, will be left upon the Earth. For only such as these will deserve to enjoy this new, wonderful age. It must be understood that the Karmic Lords have made this Declaration not so much because of mankind, but out of consideration for the great Goddess known as Earth.  She has suffered Her limitations long enough and the shackles She had to impose upon Herself in order to make a Space Refuge for man, will be taken off shortly. Just as Jesus suffered upon the cross for a certain measurable length of time, so also has the suffering of this Earth been measured exactly and soon Her limitations will be dispensed with and the great Cosmic Initiation of Earth will take place. It is prior to this supreme Cosmic event, this last sorting of the wheat from the chaff on Earth, that the mystic text known as The Nine Freedoms has been given to man in such a way that, if he thinks at all, he can read and understand it. It is because man stands today upon the verge of the most important happenings in his total history that these Revelations have been made by the Higher Powers so that, even in the eleventh hour of man’s decision, the answers to the most outstanding questions which have baffled him for centuries have now been given.

The Nine Freedoms, as a signpost to the future Evolution of humanity, has been given at this time so that those who are ready may learn how to progress bravely into the Millennium of Peace on Earth – then later through the Cosmos.