Cosmic Consciousness

The Fifth Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book together with additional commentary.

Cosmic Consciousness is the highest state of consciousness attainable by mortals upon Earth – greater even than Enlightenment.

Mars Sector 6:

“The Fifth Freedom will be – COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.

“Freedom from limitations is only brought about by sincere and diligent, directed effort through countless incarnations upon Terra. It is not some vague thing which just happens, it is made to happen.”

Dr. George King:

“There is no doubt that mankind has put numerous limitations upon himself. There is also no doubt that he is present, in the classroom called Earth, to learn to take off these limitations. The Soul of man is as a bright light which has been covered by numerous different coloured materials. The light which now shines from the Soul, through the thought and action of man, is a different colour from the pure radiance which is the source. As he strips limitations from himself, or layers of material from this light, so it changes colour with each one taken off and it gradually becomes brighter and purer, until there will come a time when it will shine with its original, unadulterated, white radiance through all his thoughts and actions. At this time, man will be much nearer to God than he is at present.

“The limitations imposed by man upon himself have certain, very direct results, which manifest in his every thought and action. Definite steps must be taken in order to balance these thoughts and actions and overcome the self-imposed limitations, so that man can rise into his full dominion. The statement: “It is made to happen,” means that limitation can only be transmuted in the fires of right thought and action through sustained effort.No other forces in this Universe can accomplish for any of you as much as you can for yourself. All that the Masters can do is to advise you of the path to be taken and then it is up to you to take this path, providing you are ready to strip from your limited self the imposed limitations. If you are not ready to make this effort, then you will stay just where you are – behind the bars of the prison of your own making. This choice, purely an individual one, must be taken sooner or later by all men. If it is taken at this time, much pain can be avoided. If it is left to a later date, then the experiences which are necessary in order to strip from the light of the Soul the discolouration which you have put there may be very painful ones.”

Mars Sector 6:

“There comes a stage when the desire to break forever the bars of selfishness dawns – Service is performed.

“There comes a following stage when Enlightenment, like a Sun, doth flood the server with its golden light – Wisdom dawns.

“There comes a stage when, at once, the consciousness of the individual soars to mighty heights, unlimited, unbounded by mind. High into the realms of Intuition, of Divine Inspiration it goeth. Through Space, where time stands quite still, non-existent, immobile.

“COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, like the flower of God, breaks from a bud into full, lasting bloom.”

Dr. George King:

“When the complete control has been brought about over the great primeval Fires of Kundalini, when “She” has been moved through the spinal column many times, when you, through single-minded, undeviating effort, have attained the deep state of Meditation and can indeed attain this state at will, you so prepare the lower and higher consciousness for even a deeper state of awareness – that of Cosmic Consciousness. This elevated condition is one of the ultimate results of Meditation and indeed is the goal which can only be attained in the very deepest of these states. Very little has ever been written about Cosmic Consciousness for it is the truth, that only those who have experienced it can have any conception of what it is really like and even then a full description defies any words.”

Mars Sector 6:

“From the very depths it came unto this stage and now, it begins a great and mighty journey through Cosmic Truth.”

Dr. George King:

“In the beginning, the One Divine Creative Source or, The Absolute, saw fit to involve Itself in Its own created materialism. It saw fit to individualize Itself. It saw fit to send forth a million, million parts of Itself and involve these in gross matter, so that each part would make its way back to the Pure State which existed before manifestation. This is the deepest philosophy, the greatest Truth, the only answer possible to man for the very existence of Evolution. There never has been a Truth advanced, which is more logical than this, neither can any philosophy dispute these facts, even though neither man nor Master can say why this is so – only that it must be.”

Mars Sector 6:

“Indeed is this the step to lasting Freedom. And at its zenith – what – continuance? Nay, this the great test. At its zenith – detachment through every stage back to limitation.

“This is the essence of Adeptship, not acceptance as much as detachment. So the Adept detaches, taking from his glorious, violet head, the golden crown of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, to leave it in the Supra mind belt.

“Again through Service doth he go. Again to taste the ecstatic glory of expansion. Expansion which knoweth no human limitation. Expansion through a body and all bodies. Through a World and all Worlds. Through a plane and all planes. All existent. Within the lasting timelessness of – Now.

“Like a voice of a great God – soundless – yet all sound – is this Freedom.”

Dr. George King:

“This, as Mars Sector 6 wisely states, is the essence of true Adeptship. To strive hard for a highly elevated state, learn what that state can teach and then learn detachment from that state back to limitation, so that the fruits of Cosmic Consciousness can be given to others who are searching for the food of Truth in the garden of Wisdom. Only the greatest have ever realized this aspect of Truth. The Master has, many times in The Nine Freedoms, stressed this procedure and in so doing, He has put the indelible stamp of greatness upon Himself, for this Truth is the subtlety of lasting Wisdom.”

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