Our beliefs

Here is a brief outline of some of the core beliefs of The Aetherius Society.

Yoga and Service

Yoga is so much more than just a way of keeping fit and healthy. It is a profound Spiritual philosophy with teachings and mystical practices which guide the dedicated student all the way to Enlightenment and beyond. The word yoga means “union”, implying union with the Divine Source, which is the essence of us all – and indeed of everything in Creation. Dr King practiced various different types of advanced yoga for an average of eight to ten hours a day for some ten years prior to founding The Aetherius Society. This enabled him to develop and control psychic powers and enter the highest states of consciousness achievable on Earth.

Although not necessarily the quickest route to Enlightenment, the greatest of all the yogas, especially in these critical times, is Karma yoga – the yoga of selfless Service to others. Service can take many forms – from charity work to Spiritual Healing, from medical aid to the spreading of wisdom, from feeding the homeless to helping animals in need, from being a firefighter to negotiating a peace treaty, and so on.

Karma and reincarnation

The Law of Karma has been taught in different ways throughout history. In the Bible it says “…whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7). In Buddhism it is sometimes compared to Newton’s third law of motion which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In everyday conversation it could simply be described as “what goes around, comes around.”

Some people wrongly believe that Karma is all about punishment – and is something which is essentially bad and therefore to be avoided. In actual fact, although not always pleasant, Karma is always a good thing; it is a Divine all-pervasive teacher, creating balance throughout the Cosmos, and guiding us all towards higher rungs up the ladder of Spiritual evolution.

Whether the manifestation of Karma is positive or negative depends on how we live our lives. Selfless Service results in the opportunity to be of greater Service – selfishness results in limitation. It is not always easy to identify someone’s karmic pattern from the state of their life. Sometimes Spiritually advanced people may go through terrible suffering – because consciously or unconsciously they are choosing to burn up their negative Karma more quickly than a less advanced person whose life may seem much more pleasant. Great Masters may choose to go through terrible suffering in order to help others to deal with their negative Karma.

A single life is not enough for the Karma of all our thoughts and actions to be worked out. Therefore we have to reincarnate, spending some time between lives on another plane of this Earth. Each plane exists at a different frequency of vibration. The higher planes can be equated with “heavens”, the lower ones with “hells”. Which plane an individual goes to, and how long they remain there, depends on their karmic pattern.
The process of reincarnation continues until all the lessons offered by mortal life in this classroom called Earth have been learnt.

Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy can be invoked, stored and transmitted in various ways to bring about peace, healing and upliftment. It is a power no less real than electricity – but much more important.

Prayer is a method of invoking and transmitting this energy, and can be greatly potentized when done in a dynamic fashion, with correct visualisation, adopting a posture which facilitates energy flow.

Spiritual Healing, is not just the gift of the few, but can be learned and practiced by anyone. During healing, Spiritual energy is transferred directly through the palms of the Healer into certain chakras of the patient. Spiritual Healing can be very effective, but patients are always advised to seek medical help in addition to this complementary treatment.

Everyone – regardless of their Spiritual beliefs – can work with Spiritual energy to help build a better world.

Life on other Planets

Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations exist on other Planets in this Solar System. These civilizations exist at higher frequencies of vibration to our own. So if an Earth spacecraft were to fly, for example, to Mars, it would not necessarily detect the intelligent life which is resident there.

The great Avatars of history, such as the Master Jesus, the Lord Buddha, St Peter, Sri Krishna, Confucius and Lao Zi originated from other Planets. Each of these Cosmic Masters allowed a small part of their consciousness to be born in an Earth body, in order to be able to help humanity through teaching, and in various other ways.

This is an act of great sacrifice on their part, which is necessary only because the human race are so backward that we do not yet qualify for the more direct intervention of a completely open landing for all to see.

Dr. George King was contacted in 1954 by a Cosmic Master from the Planet Venus known by the pseudonym of Aetherius, hence the name of the Society. The teachings of the Society are based primarily on information given by the Cosmic Masters, received largely through the mediumship of Dr King. Dr King also gave numerous teachings in his own right as a Master of yoga.

The karmic pattern of humanity as a whole is very problematic – due to centuries of wrong thought and action – varying from general materialistic apathy to mass genocide in atomic warfare. The Aetherius Society has been working with the Cosmic Masters in various ways since its inception to try to alleviate this dire situation.

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