Dr. George King

Early life

Dr. George King was born in Shropshire, England, on January 23rd, 1919. Early in life his deep spiritual interests found expression in traditional Christianity, but he soon learned that there was more to life than the orthodox could show him.

In his yearning for Truth, he took an interest in psychic research, and in the mid-1940s began to practice the ancient science of Yoga – including Raja Yoga, Gnani (or Gnana) Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Mudra Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Taking to this with an extraordinary enthusiasm and commitment, he practiced for an average of around 10 hours a day for about ten years, while still living in London and doing a full-time job. This practice resulted in the much sought-after state of true Enlightenment, and, ultimately, Cosmic Consciousness, brought about by the raising of the mystical power of kundalini, in its entirety, up the spine from the base chakra to the Brahma chakra, also known as the crown centre (see The Nine Freedoms p. 98-102).

The Command

One sunny Saturday morning in May 1954, Dr. King, while drying dishes in his small flat in Maida Vale, London, heard a very unusual voice – with a yet more unusual command:

“Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament.”

He tells us that it came from outside of himself and struck his eardrums “with a somewhat gentle firmness,” but he admits to being unable to describe the “tonal qualities” of this “alien sound.” He also describes the suddenness of it as it came into his mind as “numbing.”

Even though he had never even heard of “Interplanetary Parliament,” he knew the experience wasn’t his imagination; he was already far too skilled a medium to make a mistake like that. By practicing advanced forms of yoga intensely for many years, he had developed remarkable powers of concentration and detachment. Nevertheless he describes feeling “turmoil,” “bewilderment” and “hopeless frustration” – presumably at the lack of any explanation to accompany the experience.

But he knew without doubt that something extraordinary had happened – and that, whatever it was, it was very important.

A few days later he was visited by a world-renowned yoga Master whom he knew to be alive and active in India at that time. This Master, appeared to him in a physical form, but mysteriously was able to enter and leave through a locked door that he did not open. During the meeting, Dr. King was given detailed instructions in certain spiritual practices.

This was the beginning of Dr. King’s life as “Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel” – the medium through whom literally hundreds of communications, or “Transmissions” as they are known, have been given by higher beings from this world and beyond. These Transmissions contain some of the most outstanding jewels of cosmic wisdom and most practical spiritual teaching available on Earth today. Many of them were given in trance, others telepathically. Where trance was adopted, the trance state was a positive samadhic yogic trance state, induced by the raising of kundalini.

Higher life on other planets

Many of the communicators who spoke to, and through, Dr. King in this way are extraterrestrial – residing on higher planes of other planets in this Solar System. If, for example, an Earth spacecraft were to take an astronaut to Venus tomorrow, that astronaut may well find no indication of the existence of Venusian culture. However, if a genuine Master of yoga, like Dr. King, were to project from the physical body to a higher plane of Venus, he would find a highly advanced spiritual civilization consisting entirely of Cosmic Masters, existing at a higher frequency of vibration than we are familiar with on Earth.

The intelligence who gave the Command was a being from Venus we know as the Master Aetherius, after whom The Aetherius Society has been named – this being the organization founded by Dr. King in 1955, to spread and act upon the Teachings of the Masters.

The Nine Freedoms

Given in February-March 1961, the series of Transmissions known as ‘The Nine Freedoms’ is among the most outstanding of all the communications given through Dr. King. The communicator in this instance was an extremely elevated extraterrestrial being known simply as Mars Sector 6.

Each Freedom was delivered through Dr. King, in trance, and recorded for posterity. The recordings are now available in a CD album, as well as having been transcribed and put into book form, together with extensive and highly revealing commentaries by Dr. King.

Shortly after the delivery of ‘The Nine Freedoms,’ Dr. King also gave a series of lectures on the meaning of this great wisdom. These lectures were also recorded for posterity and are now available in a CD album.

More about Dr. King’s work

Dr. King also performed numerous spiritual Missions throughout his life. Many of these were given to him by the Cosmic Masters, others he devised himself. Some are still being performed, in conjunction with the Masters, by The Aetherius Society, even without Dr. King still being physically among us.

In addition to this he wrote numerous books and gave countless lectures on various aspects of spirituality and metaphysics.

Dr. King passed away in July 1997 in Santa Barbara, California.

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