The Second Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book, an edited extract from a lecture by Dr. King, and some additional commentary.

Mars Sector 6:

“The Second Freedom is LOVE – true LOVE.

“Manifest this – and mould your future.”

The journey into Love is now even more vital. Now the time is urgent for global change. It is vital that all caring, thoughtful humans are prepared to use the power of Love – that mystic fuel of the heart – to help strengthen and heal ourselves as well as others. Now the need to reveal our deeper nature is ever more pressing. When we look at the state of our world, we know that more needs to be done.

The capacity of a loving heart is unimaginably great; we have just to learn how to unlock its mysterious power. How do we begin to access this infinite source of loving power within us? But first of all do we really understand what Love is?

Dr. George King:

“L-O-V-E needs quite a bit of studying in order to understand it properly. “Upon Terra,” says a man from Mars, “this word is wrongly used.” I don’t think we need reminding that we use this wrongly. I think every day of our lives we use it wrongly. I think every religion we have ever heard of, uses this word wrongly. I have not myself heard an orthodox priest, and I have heard some, from any orthodox pulpit, refer to L-O-V-E as the name of an essential energy. I have heard him refer to it as some kind of a vague emotion which we are supposed to express. But how can we express a thing unless we understand it? We cannot do so. How can we hope to fight black magic unless we understand what black magic is and the fact that it exists? How can we hope to express L-O-V-E unless we know what it is?

“Now, let’s just try and study exactly what it is and what brings it about. Then, and only then, I maintain, can we manifest it correctly. Correctly.

“Love is not the measure of emotion. So many people think it is. This vague, kind of oily, gooey-gooey sentimentality that some people express – they take that for L-O-V-E. That isn’t it. That isn’t it at all…

“It’s a dynamic energy!”

Mars Sector 6:

“LOVE is not the measure of emotion, whether soft or violent, it is something deeper, something greater, something which cannot be measured even in mind conception.”

We cannot at this stage fully understand Love for, as Mars Sector 6 says: it is “something which cannot be measured even in mind conception.”However, we get glimpses of this great all-pervasive energy in its different octaves of manifestation. We know that it is the great preservative force in all creation. It is the energy that inspires and motivates us to heal. It is, however, not just the motivator, it is also the vehicle. It is the means by which our highest aspirations and deepest feelings are expressed.

Mars Sector 6:

“LOVE is an all permeating energy which is above mind. It is the third degree manifestation of the Initial Creative Force.”

Dr. George King:

“In the beginning there was only potential. Then for some reason known only to The Absolute Itself, this original potential was brought into and bound within manifestation. The forces used to bring this about could only be referred to as Divine Will, Divine Mind, Motion and Sound. All that we can see, all that we can ever know about, was brought into being within this framework of pure Divine Law. The Absolute saw fit to:

  1. Create the original potential, and
  2. Introduce those forces into this potential which were designed to bring it into manifestation.

“After taking these first two steps, The Absolute then took the third step which resulted in a preservation of manifestation. The great energy of Preservation is known as Love. From this explanation it can be seen that the energy called Love, referred to in the text, is of a very much higher quality than that known to terrestrial man.”

Mars Sector 6:

“LOVE is the transmuter of war. It is the Creator of Peace.

“LOVE as such is the Healer of disease.

“Manifestation of The Second Freedom will bring to Terra – Freedom from want.

“Freedom from war.

“Freedom from disease.

“Freedom from one’s lower self.

“Freedom from hate.

“Freedom from basic emotionalism.”

On our journey into Love, we should Love and nurture ourselves by performing spiritual practices, and reflecting on truth, wisdom and the bounty of Creation. It is refreshing for our souls to go outside under the stars and reflect upon our existence. It is important to reflect on our journey and become inspired by the possibilities that await us. And it is more important than ever for us to put our Love into action for humanity by giving Service in some of the many ways available to us.

When we pray, give healing and give other forms of Service, we are using this great energy of Love and then, as promised by Mars Sector 6, we shall be instrumental in helping to bring true freedom and peace to our Earth.

Listen to the Transmission and Dr. King’s commentary on Aetherius Cloud.