Solar Existence

The Ninth Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book.

Mars Sector 6:

“The Ninth Freedom will be – SOLAR EXISTENCE.

“After a successful term of office as one of the Perfects of Saturn, the Cosmic Adept then moves to even a higher plane of existence. But, before this time, It travels to the Central Sun of this Galaxy for advanced Initiation into the secrets of Variable Dimension.”

Dr. George King:

“The Perfects of Saturn are those Who constitute the inner circle of the Cosmic Advisory Council and after They have served a stated term of office in this capacity, They are then ready for the next major step in Their Evolution.

‘The Central Sun of this Galaxy’ means the great invisible Sun around which this Galaxy moves in a continual orbit – a hub of the Galactic Wheel, as it were. The Central Sun of this Galaxy would, of course, be One of the Lords of Creation and no doubt invisible to the human physical eye, but very visible to the true ‘Eye’ of an advanced Saturnian Intelligence.”

Mars Sector 6:

“Together as the One, They work, radiating power and energy to all lifestreams in the Solar System, radiating the very Power of Their bodies – the very energy of Their hearts.”

Dr. George King:

“Your body is solidified sunlight. Everything you see, smell, hear, taste or touch on this Earth, is solidified sunlight. Even the great Universal Life Forces or Pranas, around which all Creation revolves throughout the Planetary system, are sunlight on one energy plane or another. A moment’s reflection on this will give you the realization that this is indeed one of the greatest Truths of Metaphysics.”

“From the Sun came the Planets in this Solar System and when Their present life is finished, back to the Sun again They will go. The Beings on the Sun are radiating the essence of Their very Bodies through the Ethers, so that life in this Solar System might use this energy in order to express itself in multitudinous ways, in order to gain experience, in order to Evolve, in order to continue the journey back to the Divine Source again. If ever there is such a thing as a debt, then we are in debt forever to such Beings as Those on the Sun. Never can we hope to repay such a debt, save by a cancellation through some aspect of Karmic Law, if that is possible. The very energy from Their Bodies gives us the Universal Life Force which makes up our food, water and air we breathe. The very energy of Their Hearts gives us our highest inspirations, our purest Love. The great tides of Spiritual energy which continually flow like mighty seas through this Solar System, upon which all life is entirely dependent, is the very blood of These ineffable Beings. There is not even a rock which could live in its present form, except by the mercy and Creative ability of these Great Masters. If ever life on Earth was dependent upon any one thing, then it is completely and absolutely dependent upon the Sun for its every expression.”

Mars Sector 6:

“The Nine Freedoms have been given to Terra at this time in order to stimulate and raise the consciousness of the few thinkers. Use this information well, for it will change you. For it will cause multitudinous thoughts to come into your mind. For this information will be the dawning of Wisdom for you. Use it well, oh brothers. Use it well.”

Dr. George King:

“The profound effect caused in the lives of some people who attended lectures on The Nine Freedoms has to be seen to be believed. If such an effect, for good, can be brought about by the spoken word, even a greater result can be brought about by a careful study of the text within this book as, unlike the spoken word, the written word can be studied and analyzed over and over again. Even up to now, it has been noticed, with the lectures on this work, that a rise of consciousness has been brought about in all those who have been exposed to The Nine Freedoms.

“The text states: ‘Your internal vibrations have been altered by these utterances.’ It must be so. Here we have, for the first time in Metaphysical or physical history, a definite path which we will all take through Evolution. Before the delivery of The Nine Freedoms, man’s evolution was said to end in some vague, undefined place called ‘Heaven’, with no attempt whatsoever to give this destination any Metaphysical meaning. Or, in the case of the Buddhist, the destination was a state of consciousness called ‘Nirvana’, again without an adequate explanation of its Metaphysical significance. Now, for the very first time, a definite course has been given to mankind through his future Evolution. This fact alone will cause a pronounced change, a dawning of true Wisdom within the heart and mind of the really serious student. After all, this work has been prepared for the serious student, not just for those who may read for intellectual stimulation.

“In The Nine Freedoms you have been given many pointers which will act as a framework for your concentration, contemplation and at a later date, your Meditation. You have been told many things that you can take into the silence with you so that you can come out of it a different, more Enlightened, more aware person, vibrating with a fuller, more complete appreciation of the interrelationship and balance of all things.

“It is known that this book will bring about such wonderful results in the lives of many students. As this is so, all the work which went into its preparation has not been in vain.”

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