The Third Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book, edited extracts from a lecture by Dr. King, and some additional commentary.

Mars Sector 6:

“The Third Freedom will be – SERVICE.

“Freedom from selfishness is – SERVICE.

“In these days there is much SERVICE which is vitally important to Terra. There are few servers.”

There are so many ways to serve. You may have a great Love for nature and the Mother Earth and feel inspired to work for one of the many good environmental or ecological organizations. You may feel deeply about the plight of children, the sick, the hungry or the elderly. There are many organizations that exist to help. You may wish to become a healer or spend time each day radiating your Love through prayer. Perhaps you are able to give financial aid to those in need, bringing light and practical help to the lives of many.

Whatever path of Service we choose, ultimately it is always the good we do for others that is the key to lasting fulfillment. It has even been claimed that a spontaneous act of helping another person triggers a biological response, which has been termed “elevation”, sometimes called the “helper’s high”. More importantly we can prove to ourselves, through our own experience, that, in the long run, being a better person makes us feel better; there is nothing more unsettling than a guilty conscience, and nothing less gratifying than selfishness. The cure for this is Service.

But for Service to be truly spiritual in nature, there has to be more to it than our own personal desire to feel good as a result of it. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good – but the mystical magic of Service is borne of a genuine yearning to help others inspired by Love of the Divine.

If we really crave with all our hearts to do the highest good, we will invoke this opportunity into our lives – and cultivate the intuition to recognize it, and the strength to live up to it.

Mars Sector 6:

“SERVICE is a culmination of experiences which denote the server as being on the ladder of Evolution, firmly on this ladder.”

Dr. George King:

“We will see that Service is becoming more and more important in these days, because it is the new yoga of the age. It is the new religion. It will bypass all other religions…”

“There will come a day when all religious beliefs will be transmuted into the action of Service to others, and those religions which, today – and there are some – are purely academic religions, will be replaced.”

“I know some of you belong to groups who are serving by sending out healing and power, and so on, to the world and to the country, as well as to your own congregation. You are the people who will succeed – no matter what is thrown against you. You will succeed.”

Mars Sector 6:

“If you would, at this very moment, begin to build tomorrow’s temple upon the sure foundations of today’s right action, you would serve.

“If you would be free from the materialistic prison cunningly devised to enslave you, you would serve.”

Dr. George King:

“We all know what this materialistic prison is. We all know that, to some extent, we are ensnared by it. But we can be in it, without being too involved in it. It depends on our outlook on life. We know that we have to pay the grocer and so on; we know that these things are necessary… They will not [however] always be necessary on this Earth.”

Mars Sector 6:

“The greatest Yoga is – SERVICE.

“The greatest Religion is – SERVICE.

“The greatest act is that act done in – SERVICE.”

These are the days when so-called ‘ordinary’ people can become extraordinary through their spiritual efforts of Service to others through prayer, spiritual healing and so forth. It does not matter if you are an orthodox religious person or have less conventional beliefs, or you are a humanitarian with no spiritual beliefs per se – each of us has a destiny and all of us can help in this, the greatest of all religions – Service.

Mars Sector 6:

“SERVICE is the result of applied Spiritual logic. It is the lasting flower in the garden of Enlightenment. SERVICE is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment.”

This last sentence is the motto of The Aetherius Society as designated by its Founder, Dr. George King.

Dr. George King:

“Imagine a beautiful jewel being in a huge piece of rock. The jewel is the very essence, the very heart, the very core of that rock. It is the jewel – it is the thing that really is priceless in the rock of attainment. And, it will help us onto the rock of attainment. The rock of attainment” suggests something solid, with a solid foundation, where we can stay once we are there, because it will not crumble beneath our feet. Unless we make it crumble, of course.”

Mars Sector 6:

“SERVICE, my friends is greatness.

“Serve and be great! Nay – be Everlasting.”

These stirring words can leave us in no doubt as to the unique importance placed on Service by this great Cosmic Intelligence. All the great yogas, all the great psychic powers, all the knowledge in the universe – what does any of it really mean without this one great key? Surely if the meaning of life had to be summed up in one word, that word would be – Service.

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