The First Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book, edited extracts from a lecture by Dr. King, and some additional commentary.

Mars Sector 6:

“The First Freedom will be – BRAVERY.

“BRAVERY is essential in all things, for while the aspirant allows the negative accumulation of fear to discolour his outlook, he cannot ever truly aspire to Freedom.”

Throughout our lives there are tests of our Bravery, but all the more so once we tread the Spiritual path in a serious fashion. Once we desire more from life than the ordinary world of everyday existence, we then begin to glimpse the extraordinary and exciting world of the Spiritual Path, which offers psychic and Spiritual development and opportunity. Once we “dig deeper” in this way, our evolution is speeded up. Because we are now moving more quickly through our karmic pattern, more and more lessons and opportunities to learn and grow come our way. These challenges lead us to unlock the potential within, requiring us to let go of our fears and embrace positive change.

We cannot aspire to enlightened states without conquering fears.

Dr. George King:

“Right throughout our Spiritual evolution, Bravery is an absolute essential – if we are to go on. Not foolishness – but wise Bravery. A kind of a steadfastness is absolutely essential to all people. Notice those who fear: they are not advanced. Those who are brave through ignorance – neither are they advanced. It is the steadfast people who do not fear who are advanced.

“Supposing you are sitting in your house one night, and you clairvoyantly saw an entity enter your house who you knew to be evil. If you showed fear, the first thing the entity would do would be – just like a dog – to bite you. It would attach itself to your aura and it would take its sustenance from there, because it would feed on the fear emanation that you put out.

“But supposing that you had no fear, you turned round, used certain practices like the Violet Flame or sending out your Love or prayer, and so on – steadfastly, unafraid – that entity would leave because it would not see you as a prospective victim. It would be powerless against you – just as an animal is.

“If you walk straight up to a dog, it will not bite you. But when you fear a dog, you emanate a certain scent – the dog smells it and it bites you.

“This is one of the great basic Laws. You are virtually, in that instant, in a way, evil. So we cannot allow fear to discolor our outlook.”

Mars Sector 6:

“Freedom from fear can be brought into active manifestation within all men providing they have knowledge. Knowledge of the right kind dispels fear, whether the manifestation of this fear be petty or more potent.”

So many people are afraid of psychic and Spiritual things. They are afraid of UFOs; they are afraid of anything virtually that they haven’t been indoctrinated into, taught at school, or bombarded with by the media.

Education of the right kind is, therefore, extremely important. It is up to all of us, who have knowledge of the mysteries of life, to be brave in disseminating this knowledge to others, so that their fears can be dispelled.

Mars Sector 6:

“It is not necessary for man upon Terra1 to fear man upon Terra, for if you obey the Unchangeable Laws, indeed by your obedience do you burn fear in the bright light of dawning Enlightenment.”

The first step to overcoming our fears is to strive to live the teachings given to us by the great Religions of the world. These teachings move us in the direction of Love and nearness to God; the place where fear cannot reside.

Mars Sector 6:

“Study fear for what it is. Study it coldly without emotion. You will discover that it is but a state of mind which you have formulated for yourselves.

“This state of mind is the result of Karma, environment and present outlook.

“Karma – you can, at this very moment, make for yourself a Karmic pattern which, when manifested, will not bring vague fear as a result.”

We have created fears through our thought processes, but so too can we change this. We may have a fear of speaking in public; a fear of the future; a fear of intimacy with others; a fear of going forward Spiritually. All of these fears are based on our past and our present outlook. In The Nine Freedoms we are taught that this can be changed into a higher, more positive state of consciousness. We have created our own karmic pattern through our actions, thoughts, hopes, desires and fears, but we also have the power to change these whenever we choose.

Mars Sector 6:

“You can rise above environment, for it is a changing thing, it is not real.”

We have all heard stories of people born into terrible, limiting conditions who have risen above these and achieved greatness. Others of us make our childhood, our difficult marriage, or our lack of money etc., an excuse for not being as great as we could be. Difficult though it may seem – we can in fact change our present outlook immediately.

Dr. King:

“I can say two or three words now and if you are sad, you become the opposite from sad. I can say another few sentences and you will become sad again. You can do the same with people. You can change yourself and other people from one state of mind to another state of mind quickly.”

Fear is a state of mind. If we begin to know it – to see it in this light we can then begin to control it. When we can control it, we no longer have to worry about it because it will no longer affect our evolution.

Mars Sector 6:

“BRAVERY is victory through experience.

“Be Brave, not foolish; but Brave through Wisdom – and know The First Freedom.”

It is up to us all to live through life’s experiences correctly and take this first step upon the ladder of true lasting joy towards Enlightenment.

Note 1. ‘Terra’ refers to The Mother Earth.

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