The Fourth Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book, an extract from a lecture by Dr. King, and some additional commentary.

Mars Sector 6:

“The Fourth Freedom will be – ENLIGHTENMENT.

“Freedom from ignorance can be brought about by all terrestrials who are willing to expend sufficient energy to bring this elevated state into being. There is but one major sin upon Terra – that is ignorance.

“Bravery, dispensation of pure Love, Service, these attributes can help the aspirant to bring ENLIGHTENMENT into being.”

The Spiritual path, like any profoundly important journey, is full of twists and turns. You will have wonderful, liberating experiences along the way but you will also have some tough times. Despite what some people now proclaim, Enlightenment does not happen in a flash. We can read about self-styled teachers who give themselves long holy names and offer instant Enlightenment or easy removal of one’s negative karma. However, as Mars Sector 6 explains, it is necessary to expend sufficient energy to bring this elevated state into being – and sufficient is quite a lot!

We can study the lives of spiritual giants like Swami Sivananda, Swami Vivekananda, Count St. Germain, The Lord Buddha, The Master Jesus and Dr. George King to inspire us in our journey to this great goal. You will see from these and other examples, that Enlightenment dawns through determination and an indomitable will; through the creation of inspired works, great Love and the giving of Service to others. All of these things require breaking away from materialistic conditioning – and this requires great courage.

Enlightenment cannot possibly be a quick fix because it is a process of unraveling all the ties that bind us over the lifetimes. Every negative word, jealous thought and petty action ties us more surely to our lower natures; whereas Bravery, Love and Service liberate us. Today, the way of Enlightenment is not about retreating from the world into a cave in order to find inner bliss. It is about living, loving, praying, working, and giving healing and other forms of Service in the world wherever this is required.

Mars Sector 6:

“ENLIGHTENMENT is a result of the controlled application of specific energies and procedures towards a predetermined end.”

Dr. George King:

“In other words, you cannot get Enlightenment unless you move always towards a predetermined end. It knocks out 99.9% of the people you know, doesn’t it? Very few people – very, very few people – work always towards a predetermined end.

“Now, you might say, well supposing I want to steal something: will I gain Enlightenment working towards that end? We are reminded earlier on that these [i.e. Bravery, Love, Service] are the steps. You can’t be a really brave person and steal. If you can, you can’t show Love and steal, neither can you give Service to others and steal.”

“If you come together in prayer, as many of you do, automatically you begin to predetermine your end. Your end in this case is to send out energy for world peace or Enlightenment or world healing or something [like that]. This is predetermining an end of a certain action…

“But if you come together – “Oh, let us pray” – without predetermining any end at all, you might just as well say, ‘cat, cat, cat or dog, dog, dog’. Believe me. If you stand in church in a Temple in Aetherius House or in a market square and sing a hymn without predetermining the end of that hymn, you might just as well sing ‘Tiger Rag’ in a backstreet bar. Believe me.”

“But, if you come together to sing a hymn for somebody’s benefit, for the benefit of the world, for the benefit of building a temple, no matter what that end is… then, if it is a good end, you have done some good.

“We must predetermine the end of all things, if we are to get Enlightenment. And, after all, this is one of the greatest things that we can get. It is one of the most difficult things, but we can virtually wrest it from life, because it is there: Enlightenment is now waiting in the mental realms for each and every one of us. It is only up to us to reach up high enough, and pull down hard enough, and we’ve got it! And, once we’ve got it, we can keep hold of it. That’s the point. So, it is worth all our efforts.”

Mars Sector 6:

“The Freedom – ENLIGHTENMENT, is the fruit which can be cultivated in the Spiritual garden of terrestrial man – if he tends it with sufficient care, sufficient kindness, sufficient patience, sufficient tolerance. If he tends it with intelligence; if he tends it by manipulating his Karmic pattern through the right Service, this will grow, blossom and will bear all fruits.”

“Serve, manipulate your Karmic pattern, then you will be allowed to walk through the dawn of ENLIGHTENMENT.”

This great Cosmic Master, Mars Sector 6, has given us the essential stages to our Enlightenment. He has shown us the doors that are open for all of us to enter. The qualifications have been outlined for us. When we give Service to others the great powers within us begin to rise naturally, and we are then firmly on the path towards Enlightenment. However incredible it may seem, and although it may not happen in this particular incarnation, Enlightenment is not only something we are all capable of achieving, it is something we are all destined to achieve.

Why waste a single second of God-given time during which we could be actively progressing towards this lofty and most worthy goal?

Listen to the Transmission and Dr. King’s commentary on Aetherius Cloud.