Inter-Planetary Existence

The Seventh Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book together with additional commentary.

Mars Sector 6:

“The Seventh Freedom will be – INTER-PLANETARY EXISTENCE.

“After the Initiation of Ascension, the lifestream passes from Terra and either returns to work upon Terra, or goes to another classroom in the Solar System.”

The reference to ‘classroom’ means to a higher plane of existence on another planet in the Solar System – a physical plane, but one which exists at a higher frequency of vibration.

Dr. George King:

“One important fact should be made clear at this point, to avoid any misunderstanding in the mind of the student. The vast majority of the Lifestreams now inhabiting the other Planets… have not needed to pass through the experiences offered by life on this Earth. The main reason for this is made clear in the Introduction to The Nine Freedoms. It is shown how man, now on Earth, had committed the base Cosmic crime by causing the death of the Planet, ‘Maldek’.”

Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was another Planet in this Solar System. This Planet made an orbit between Mars and Jupiter and is now the asteroid belt.1 Then, it was a Planet about the size of Earth; a green prosperous world inhabited by a people who were, for the most part, reasonably satisfied with their progress. This civilization was not really advanced but had attained a stage which afforded an abundance of necessities that made life comfortable for everyone.

Eventually, however, the people of this planet became – in comparison with the higher Planetary cultures – a selfish, lackadaisical race seeking their own enjoyment, like the majority of people on Earth today. Finally, after a race for material conquest and power, they exploded a hydrogen bomb and completely destroyed the Planet Maldek and murdered the whole population in one blinding flash.

The millions of lifestreams were released onto the different planes and greatly limited according to the Law of Karma because of the Cosmic crime they had committed in destroying a Planet, a Divine and highly advanced living being. However, the Mother Earth, in great compassion accepted this race of people to be reincarnated upon Her great Body, causing Herself great limitation as a result. The race upon Earth at the time, Adamic man, remained for a while in order to give guidance and help to the then mutant population. Slowly but surely, the race evolved and the great civilization of Lemuria blossomed – and was once again destroyed through the greed and power of man. After that, the mighty civilization of Atlantis rose in all its glory – but it too fell into charred radioactive ruins.

Today we stand in a similar position to the one we occupied before the terrible destruction of the Planet Maldek and the great civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. The question is, have we learned our lesson? Will we continue our path of selfishness, greed and power, or shall we finally learn that the path to peace and Enlightenment is one of Bravery, Service and Love?

Dr. George King:

“After such involution, he had to be restricted by gross limitation or, in other words, he had to learn the basic lessons which could only be experienced on this Earth. The Beings on other Planets, not marring their evolution by such a terrible act, continued to progress on Their higher planes of existence.

“As pointed out earlier, this accounts for the vast difference between Earth man and Inter-Planetary man. It also shows why the majority of Interplanetary people have not had to come down to the lowest classroom in the Solar System before They could rise up again. This has happened only to terrestrial man. After centuries of being kept ignorant as to his line of Cosmic progression, terrestrial man is now being informed, in this unique text, of his road through Evolution.”

Mars Sector 6:

“Inter-Planetary man is no longer bound to the clay of Terra or the clay of any other Planet. He is free to serve throughout the Galaxy – even outside of the Galaxy.”

Dr. George King:

“If a man or woman from another Planet comes on to Earth in their normal physical body, they are not bound to stay on Earth. They can move on or off the globe at will. The text tells us that the same is true of any Planet which they may inhabit. Not only can Inter-Planetary man move freely from Planet to Planet performing the particular Service which he has agreed to undertake, but he can go even outside of the Galaxy. It is known that the Martians, as well as the Venusians, have traveled the hundreds of light-years necessary in order to penetrate the confines of the Galaxy in which we live and they have even made extra-Galactic probes to other Universes beyond.”

Mars Sector 6:

“As he goes deeper into this Freedom, he realizes his great Power as a ray capable of the manifestation of thought visualizations. He becomes a tiny thought Creator. He learns to control his visualizations so that they conform exactly to predetermined patterns.”

Dr. George King:

“The Inter-Planetary Master is capable of bringing these visualizations into physical, living and breathing manifestation and keeping them in being as long as is necessary in order to perform the particular function for which they were specifically designed. After this, like the true White Magician that he is, he would take them out of manifestation again by another type of manipulation, drawing the visualization back into himself through the solar plexus centre. This is one of the secrets of White Magic and it is an important one inasmuch as every picturization or thought form sent out, whether made of mind substance or formed into a physical manifestation, must be taken back again by the magician if he wishes to retain his Powers

“All living beings may be classed as magicians for all thought and action is really an act of either black, grey or White Magic.

“Inter-Planetary man knows the Laws of Creative White Magic and strictly abides by them.”

The terms “white” and “black” have nothing whatever to do with race of course. These are terms used in ancient yoga philosophy, as well as western mysticism, to denote the true motive, and hence the magic, of any action. “White” denotes purity of motive, and “black” denotes evil intent. “Grey” – which is probably the nature of the actions of most people on Earth most of the time – is when the motive is neither pure, nor evil – but somewhere in between.

Note 1. Professor Michael Ovenden, astronomer of the Department of Geophysics and Astronomy, and The Institute of Astronomy and Space Science at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, worked for 25 years to build a powerful case for the fact that the asteroid belt was a Planet which exploded millions of years ago.

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