The Spiritual Freedom Show

WCET FM, a radio station in the USA, has invited international bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Richard Lawrence, to host a new show bringing you the wisdom of some of the greatest spiritual teachings ever given to Earth: The Nine Freedoms.

What can you look forward to?

  • Each week Richard will play extracts from ‘The Nine Freedoms.’ 
  • Richard will play extracts from the Transmissions and Dr. King’s lectures, and explore the essential message of the text to help us draw inspiration from this wisdom in our everyday lives.
  • You’ll also hear from people revealing the “Moment of Truth” which turned them towards the spiritual path.
  • And Richard will answer questions from listeners and subscribers, which Darren Ball will put to him on air. 
  • It’s not just talk though – each show will also include a spiritual practice led by a guest presenter for you to try!

Richard answers spiritual questions from all over the world. Submit your question(s) by writing to: [email protected]

#11 – What happens after Ascension? The Spiritual Freedom Show With Richard Lawrence

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