What are they?

We are gods in the making.

Believe it – live it – realise it!

Great spiritual masters have taught this wisdom since the dawn of time. Wisdom which has acted as a guiding light to humanity, beckoning us away from the vicious cycle of suffering, into a virtuous cycle of peace, healing and joy.

In ancient times the path to illumination was to retreat from the world in search of Divine bliss. The New Age approach is very different: to live in the world helping others.

The First Freedom in our spiritual journey is Bravery. Freedom from fear enables us to experience and manifest the great energy of Love, which is the Second Freedom. Love gives us the Freedom of being of Service to others, which is the Third Freedom.  And by the law of karma, as we help others, we also help ourselves.

Service is the key to Enlightenment – the Fourth Freedom. But Enlightenment is far from the end of our journey.

The ultimate state of being for mortals on Earth is the full raising of the mystical power of Kundalini to the Brahma chakra, resulting in Cosmic Consciousness – the Fifth Freedom– believed by some to equate to seedless samadhi in Hinduism and nirvana in Buddhism.

But even this is but a step along the great path to eternity, paving the way to Ascension – the Sixth Freedom – which is liberation from the wheel of rebirth. From there we progress onwards to life on higher frequencies of other planets: the Seventh Freedom is Interplanetary Existence and the Eighth Freedom is Saturnian Existence, during which we will enjoy ever-greater Divine awareness, able to travel throughout the galaxy and even beyond. The Ninth Freedom is Solar Existence: becoming a part of the mighty Sun itself – rightly regarded as a God in various ancient traditions – the great life-giver of the Solar System.

‘The Nine Freedoms’ is a series of communications given by a great cosmic being, known as Mars Sector 6, through Dr. George King (1919-1997) – one of the greatest mediums the world has ever known. As relevant today as when they were given in 1961.