In 1961, an ancient and wise Cosmic Intelligence, code-named Mars Sector 6, saw fit to deliver the most profound spiritual philosophy the world had ever received. It was called The Nine Freedoms. Since then, thousands of people have had their lives completely changed by coming into contact with this extraordinary series of Teachings. I know – I am one of them.

I have made a point of studying the philosophies of many religions, and have found wisdom in all of them. Much of their teaching is still as valid today as it was when it was first delivered. But The Nine Freedoms goes further – it continues where they end. It is even more relevant now than it was when it was first delivered and it will be still more relevant in the future. It is a work of timeless wisdom designed specifically for the New Age which is now dawning.

The style of Mars Sector 6, Who has been described by other Masters as a Lord of Karma, is superbly concise, yet resonant with meaning. As well as studying the texts you would be advised to con­template deeply on them one by one. Each Freedom is introduced by a prominent and wise Ascended Master from this Earth known as Saint Goo-Ling. There is also a beautiful Transmission by that great Master of Love, Jesus, Who came from the Planet Venus. To read these Cosmic Transmissions is a profound experience, but to listen to them is an elevating spiritual Initiation.

Dr. King’s commentaries and lectures on the text are truly brilliant.  With his hallmark of down-to-earth practicality, blended with a clear explanation of even the most advanced concepts, Dr. King gives us a treasure of knowledge, revealing the hidden meanings of each Freedom.

This website opens the door to a teaching which is more than a book or even a bible – it is indeed the ultimate signpost on the road to human evolution.

Dr. Richard Lawrence
On behalf of the International Directors
The Aetherius Society

(Foreword edited from the most recent edition of The Nine Freedomsbook for use on this website.)