The Eighth Freedom – Extracts from The Nine Freedoms book.


Mars Sector 6:

"The Eighth Freedom will be – SATURNIAN EXISTENCE.

"After the Lifestream has gained experience by living and serving on other Planets in the Solar System, It is then ready to be introduced into an even greater, fuller, more complete, more aware cycle of existence."


After a lifestream has passed through the necessary experiences on this Earth, it is then given the Initiation of Ascension, as you have heard in The Sixth Freedom. From there, the first Planetary step is taken as an introduction into the life cycle of either Mars, Neptune, Jupiter or Pluto. The lifestream may have to gain experience on all of these Planets, moving freely between one Planet and another.

Dr. George King:

"Then the intelligence progresses towards an introduction into the life cycle of Venus and Uranus where different, essential lessons are learned. When sufficient Cosmic experience has been gained by the Lifestream, It is then deemed ready for the next important and decisive step through Evolution."


Mars Sector 6:

"It is presented to the Lesser Solar Lords for Initiation. After this Initiation, It is then introduced into the Saturnian Life cycle. At this time, It is neither male nor female, but both, in the highest possible sense."


Dr. George King:

"The Lesser Solar Lords are the Initiating Lords Who inhabit the Sun. These are the great Beings Who deem whether or not the Lifestream is ready for the introduction into the Saturnian life cycle. Should the Lords declare that the Intelligence is ready for this introduction, They make preparations for, and perform, the actual Cosmic Initiation of the tested Lifestream. The text states that at this time the Lifestream is neither male nor female, but both in the highest possible sense. This means that the Interplanetary Intelligence is now a perfectly balanced Being, being male Creative and female Preservative, also having a complete balance between these two major polarities. The Intelligence has complete control over Creative and Preservative abilities and is not subject to imbalance such as that found in both male and female upon Earth."


Mars Sector 6:

"Such a One is not limited – because of limitation."


Dr. George King:

"Such a One has Freedom beyond man's wildest imagination because of carefully disciplined limitation It has set upon Itself, throughout countless lives of experience.

"There is a world of difference between Freedom and freewill. It is by the use of his freewill that man on Earth commits the crimes he does, puts upon himself the limitations that he has put upon himself; holds himself back in the way that he does. Sooner or later all men must realize this. Those who have already done so have begun to discipline themselves."


Mars Sector 6:

"Such a One has great Freedom – because It has rejected all


Dr. George King:

"Here we have a definite and logical illustration which proves the point. It is a statement of irrevocable Truth and like all statements of Truth, it appears to be paradoxical."


Mars Sector 6:

"These are the Masters of the Planetary System, Who are actively engaged in helping all lifestreams to evolve out of their darkness, their ignorance, their suffering."


Dr. George King:

"Without such Masters as these in the Planetary System, only God knows what it would be like. These Beings, realizing Their interrelationship with all other lifestreams, have forged ahead through unimaginably hard work and suffering; have evolved to such a point that Their very existence within this Solar System helps to rise all other life forms within it. There is no Service greater than this which can possibly be imagined.

"Every time a murder is committed on Earth, the mass of humanity is held back in some degree by that shameful crime committed by one of their number. As we are inter-related in the body of a whole, any disease in one cell affects that whole. On the other hand, any Enlightenment in one cell also affects that whole. Every lifestream on Earth is affected, in some degree, for the better by the existence of the great Beings upon Saturn. You would do well, always, to remember this.

"If you must forget your name, do so, but never forget the debt you owe to the Masters on Saturn if you are searching for and hope to find – Enlightenment.

"Remember also that every good deed you do, every true Spiritual prayer you send forth, every aspect of a true contemplation you give to man, every time that you enter the true Meditative state, you are helping, not only the few around you, but the mass of cells which help to make up this inter-related body of the whole."


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